Top 3 Dozer Maintenance Tips (Plus A Bonus) | For Construction Pros

Take care of your dozer’s undercarriage, and it’ll take care of you. And don’t overlook the effect operating techniques can have on dozer maintenance, either.

You know the basics: Check the oil. Change the filters. Grease the moving parts. But where else should you focus your dozer maintenance efforts? Here are the three steps you don’t want to skip if your goal is better dozer performance and less machine downtime: Sk200 Carrier Roller

Top 3 Dozer Maintenance Tips (Plus A Bonus) | For Construction Pros

Undercarriage typically represents half of your dozer’s parts and service costs. That’s why inspecting it regularly is our No. 1 dozer maintenance tip. An undercarriage walkaround at the start of every shift is an easy way to prevent failures, extend life and lower operating costs. Here’s what to check:

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Did you know that too-tight track is the top cause of undercarriage-related dozer downtime? That’s because it creates additional load, which can lead to oil loss, cause dry joints and reduce wear life. (Too-loose track is also a problem — you could end up throwing it off and waste time getting it back on.)

Good news: Checking and adjusting track tension on your dozer isn’t difficult. Just follow these simple guidelines. And be sure to keep monitoring the tension as your working and weather conditions change. Even a little rain that causes wet soil can create packing in the sprockets and result in too-tight track.

How often do you need to clean your undercarriage? It really depends on the material you’re working in. Sand generally comes off easily on its own. Mud or clay, on the other hand, can build up until it’s hard to remove. The best strategy is to keep an eye on cleanliness during your walkaround and remove any excess debris from the frame. When material gets packed into the undercarriage, it can cause the track to tighten and increase wear on moving components. Check out this how-to video for cleaning tips.

Top 3 Dozer Maintenance Tips (Plus A Bonus) | For Construction Pros

Jcb Js200 Bottom Roller How you operate your dozer has a direct effect on how much maintenance you need to perform. To avoid premature wear and unnecessary service procedures, remind your dozer operators: