Bay Plastics Partners Up for LFT Pelletizing | Plastics Technology

Bay Plastics joins with Colorado Legacy Group to help burgeoning LFT applications that include PP- and nylon-based products in conductive plastics and stainless steel fiber.  

Pelletizing specialist Bay Plastics Machinery (BPM) is joining forces with Colorado Legacy Group LLC to support customers working with long-fiber thermoplastic (LFT) applications. plastic shredder

Bay Plastics Partners Up for LFT Pelletizing |               Plastics Technology

Colorado Legacy Group is led by well-known industry consultant Creig Bowland. Bowland is a specialist in LFT, having worked on numerous applications over the years to improve operations. He also licenses, designs and installs LFT lines and processing equipment.

“We have decided the time is right to expand our capabilities in LFT,” says Jim Forgash, vice president of sales and marketing for BPM. “And when it comes to knowledge and experience with this technology, there’s no one better than Creig.”

Forgash says that BPM and Bowland have worked together in the past, and are currently working together to support a shared customer. They have decided to join forces to support current and potential customers who are looking to improve their LFT process.

BPM LFT pelletizer. Photo Credit: Bay Plastics Machinery

“At BPM, we know pelletizing, and our machinery is being used on a number of LFT applications worldwide,” Forgash notes. “Bringing Creig in provides great value to our customers. Combined, our companies are a great resource.”

For his part, Bowland says he’s excited to be working with BPM. “Any company that’s looking to expand or improve their LFT process, needs technical support, or even just a fresh start with LFT technology can benefit from our combined expertise,” Bowland says. “Together, we can guide LFT customers from stage one to final production.”

Forgash and Bowland said that, in addition to PP, the nylon family of resins is huge for LFT applications. Hot applications include conductive plastics and stainless steel fiber, according to Bowland. “There are a lot of small businesses venturing in to LFT, and many of them are using unique resins and blends,” he says. “We look forward to helping these companies improve their operations to help them succeed.”

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Bay Plastics Partners Up for LFT Pelletizing |               Plastics Technology

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