Best Power Wheels For Rough Terrains of 2023 | The Drive

Your child will love playing outside with these rugged ride-ons.

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Best Power Wheels For Rough Terrains of 2023 | The Drive

When you’re a kid, there’s nothing more important than having fun. And what could be more fun than getting behind the wheel of a real—okay, almost real, and very realistic—car, truck, or SUV? Every kid needs Power Wheels, pint-sized vehicles that allow little drivers to practice their driving skills. Some Power Wheels can even let kids go off-roading, driving over all different types of terrain, and exploring new paths with mud, dirt, rocks, and more. If you know a child who’d love to take a spin behind the wheel of a super realistic car, truck, or SUV and hit challenging roads, then you need Power Wheels for rough terrains. From little Jeeps to petite powerhouse SUVs, we’ve rounded up the best Power Wheels for rough terrains right here.

Joywhale Two-Seater Kids Ride-On Truck

Power Wheels Dune Racer Extreme Ride-On Vehicle

Best Choice Products Kids Ride-On Truck

As mentioned earlier when it comes to Power Wheels toys, there are dozens of different models to choose from. For this review, I wanted to stick with those built for rough terrain. Since that significantly narrows the playing field, I made the rest of the choices based on durability, reliability, and ruggedness. I also wanted to offer a variety of pricing options to suit any budget.

Managing editor Jonathon Klein also put his own children to the test and had them test one model, too. For more info regarding product selection, check out The Drive’s Gear About page, which further explains the methodology.

Great for younger or older kids

The Joywhale Two-Seater Kids Ride on Truck gets the nod for best overall Power Wheels for rough terrain for a number of reasons. This rugged and tough-looking Jeep Wrangler copy has beefy tires and rear shock absorbers that allow it to easily go where other motorized ride-on toys can’t. No need to stay confined to your driveway with this one. It’s also equipped with a powerful 24-volt motor, which allows it to go farther and longer than many other Power Wheels on the market. It has a maximum capacity of 130 pounds, making it a great choice for older single riders or two younger riders.

Managing editor Jonathon Klein's kids have this particular model, and they love it. They've put it on gravel, carpet, tile, and more and haven't yet found its limits. They particularly like the Bluetooth-enabled sound system, so they can listen to the Captain Underpants soundtrack while driving.

The soft braking feature, easy-drag four-wheel drive, and parental remote control make it a favorite of parents in terms of providing a safe riding experience for your kiddos. It even comes equipped with an emergency brake and adjustable seat belts, all for a relatively reasonable price point. The main drawback to this ride-on toy is that its top speed is pretty slow and that it lacks front suspension, which would make it even more versatile in terms of driving over some tough terrain.

For a great budget-friendly option that will last your child through several growing years, check out the Power Wheels Dune Racer Extreme Ride-On Vehicle. This dune buggy version features cool graphics and colors that your child will love. It’s one of the lowest costing options, allowing your child to enjoy the fun of outdoor driving without putting too much strain on your wallet. This vehicle features extra-wide tires and a sturdy steel frame that lets it go over wet grass, dirt, gravel, and more with relative ease.

It’s got a weight capacity of 130 pounds, so it’s great for an older child. With a top speed of only 5 mph, it’s also safe for younger kids to run around in. The Monster Traction drive system also gives this model a little more capability to tackle tougher terrains than many of the other Power Wheels specific models. This option doesn’t come with a parental remote control, and it has a shorter battery life than some others. Also, while the tires are wider, they’re definitely not built to be as sturdy as some other choices on the market.

Up to two hours of run time

The Best Choice Products Kids Ride-On Truck is a great starter Power Wheels for younger drivers. With the included parental remote control and a top speed of 3.75 mph, this truck is all about safety. Its rugged and knobby tires and four-wheel spring suspension let it easily traverse uneven ground and surfaces that many others can’t. Its realistic look, bright LED headlights, and Bluetooth capable speakers are all features that kids love.

This Jeep-modeled option comes in a variety of color choices and is offered for a very reasonable price. With a maximum weight capacity of 128 pounds, this toy will last your child through plenty of growing. It’s ideal for ages 3-8. The 12-volt battery offers a run-time of up to two hours on a single charge.

The rub? This toy can only accommodate a single rider, so your child won’t be able to bring a buddy. Its top speed is safe but slower than a snail’s pace.

If you want serious power and durability, the Sopbost 24V Ride On Truck 2 Seater Ride On UTV deserves your attention. This is one of the toughest Power Wheels. It’s powered by a strong, 24-volt 7-Ah battery and features large, EVA, 2WD tires with spring suspension. It will go over surfaces and rough terrain the way other ride-on toys can’t. With a maximum weight capacity of 110 pounds and adjustable seatbelt, this is designed to last your child well into their teenage years. It’s a roomy two-seater, so your child can always ride with a friend.

It also comes equipped with a parental remote control for added safety and peace of mind. With two driving modes, you can decide whether your kiddo should operate it in high or low gear. It features real working headlights, taillights, and horn, as well as a Bluetooth-controlled stereo for playing their favorite tunes. Drawbacks include a somewhat short run time before needing a recharge and an eye-opening price tag.

The Costzon Battery-Powered Kids Four-Wheeler Truck gets some love for being a safe and realistic choice that’s ideal for smaller children. Not only does it come with a parental remote control for added safety, but it’s equipped with three speed options that allow you to limit how fast your child can go on their own. As with many other Power Wheels toys, this one features a working radio for listening to your child’s favorite tunes, but it also offers an educational mode that helps kids learn while driving.

The tough-looking, oversized tires and independent suspension let this vehicle run confidently over a variety of terrains. Working double doors with magnetic locks, bright LED headlights, and a working horn add to the realistic feel of this ride-on toy. There are a couple of drawbacks. For one, this model is a two-seater, but with a maximum weight capacity of only 66 pounds, you’re going to reach that quickly with two children. The other drawback is the agonizingly slow top speed. Those two factors combined make this a poor choice for bigger kids.

If you’re in the market for a fun and tough starter vehicle for your toddler, check out the uhomepro Chevrolet Silverado Powered Ride-On. It’s a detailed and scaled-down version of the well-known Chevy Silverado that features doors that open and close, bright LED headlights, and a high-simulated steering wheel that lets your child easily imagine they’re driving a real truck. As with several other options on the list, this truck features a parental remote control for added safety.

However, safety isn’t really that much of a concern with this Power Wheels. It offers a slow top speed of only 2.8 mph and a maximum weight capacity of only 55 pounds. Only able to accommodate a single rider, this toy is definitely geared towards younger toddlers and preschoolers. It’s not a viable option for older, more accomplished drivers.

When it comes to the best combination of durability, price tag, power, and safety, my top pick for the best Power Wheels for rough terrain is the Joywhale 24V 2 Seater Kids Ride on Truck. For a budget-friendly option that will provide hours of fun without putting you in debt, we like the Power Wheels Dune Racer Extreme Ride-On Vehicle. 

Does your child have a rugged and reliable Power Wheels for rough terrain that they love but that didn’t make our list? Hit us up in the comments and tell us about it.

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If you’re planning to let your child go off-roading in their Power Wheels, the first thing you’re going to need is a set of beefy, rugged, and deep-treaded tires. Wide tires are also a good choice. They can’t be made of cheap, slippery plastic that won’t offer any traction. Make sure they’re also replaceable if one does get damaged.

Just as with a real off-road vehicle, a Power Wheels toy that’s designed to drive on more than just a paved road or driveway will have independent spring suspension on at least two, but ideally all of the wheels. Higher ground clearance and a lifted frame are also great features to look for in a Power Wheels that’s built for tackling rough terrain. 

While some Power Wheels toys for toddlers offer very limited speeds, some of the larger ones will have a top speed of 5-7 mph, which will let you get a little more gumption when it comes to rolling over hilly, uneven, or wet ground. The best of both worlds would be a ride-on toy that offers a limiter that you can set until your young‘un is ready for more speed.

Power Wheels are definitely not the cheapest or most affordable toys going, but for $200 to $350, you can get a decent option that’s designed for use on rough terrain. These will have wider tires and sturdier frames. Some may have independent suspension. If you’re looking to really step up your game and get something more rugged and reliable, plan to spend between $400 and $800. This is where higher-end components and more powerful batteries can be found.

You’ve got questions. The Drive has answers.

A: As with most toys in the U.S., Power Wheels have had to pass numerous safety tests and meet safety requirements before they can be marketed to the public, so yes, Power Wheels are considered a safe toy for children within their designated age ranges.

A: Most Power Wheels can run for one or two hours on a single charge. That said, their batteries are notorious for wearing out quickly. Consider having a second backup battery on hand as an added precaution and a way to continue the fun until your child is ready to be done.

A: The length of time it takes to charge a Power Wheels for rough terrain battery varies depending on the size of the battery and the power of the charger. On average, expect your battery to be fully charged in 4-12 hours.

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Best Power Wheels For Rough Terrains of 2023 | The Drive

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